2 days in Krakow – The heart of the Polish culture

Krakow is a young and fresh city immersed in history. Different attractions and good prices make this medieval city an attractive destination for everyone. 2 days in Krakow could be enough to visit the heart of Polish culture while traveling in Poland.

The first day can be spent in old town and surroundings. Rynek Glowny, the main square, is one of the largest medieval town square in Europe and famous for its urban designs. Built in the 13th century, the square hosts magnificent St. Mary’s cathedral. Close to the square, impressive Wawel castle stands proud at the top of a large hill.

Wawel castle, Krakow

Wawel castle, Krakow

Few steps away from Wawel castle one can find Pod Wawelem. This traditional polish restaurant is the perfect place for having a nice rest and taste delicious polish food while listening to cheerful music. Do not miss the beetroot and pierogi soup! I absolutely recommend this restaurant due to its wide variety of dishes and charming atmosphere.

The afternoon is the moment to visit exciting Kazimierz (the former Jewish district). Plac Nowy is the living, beating heart of the quarter where one can eat, drink and people watch. Krakow’s hip and trendy crowd tend to hang out at the venues located in the area. If you get hungry during your time in the area try one of the Pizza baguettes or “zapiekanki” in the building located in the middle of the square. When the sun goes down is a good moment to step in one of the many “Piwa and Vodka” bars to get a polish vodka shot or the traditional beer with juice.

Kazimierz, Krakow

Kazimierz, Krakow

The second day could begin by taking a relaxing walk along legendary Wisla River boulevards. Take a bike, a book or a loved one with you and enjoy the calm atmosphere and scenic views. During the walk, you will have the chance to cross the modern Kladka Bernatka footbridge which connects Kazimierz to Podgórz.

The afternoon is a good time to visit some of the museums that the city hosts. Rynek Underground Museum and MOCAK are some alternatives to the most common ones. A cool farewell for Krakow could be climbing Kopiec Kraka mound for splendid views of the city.

Now is the perfect time to visit Poland before it gets a mass tourist country. Whether you go to relax, to party, or to soak up the history and the culture, you won’t be disappointed!

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