Cala Comte – True bliss for the senses

Cala Comte has to be seen to be believed. Small with white soft sand and turquoise water, the cove is perhaps the most beautiful and stunning in Ibiza. One of the last paradises to explore in the White Island.

Located on the Island’s west coast, Cala Comte is surrounded by amazing scenery including sand dunes, rock cliffs and fabulous views of the islands dotted around the coastline. The blue degraded sea completes the gorgeous landscape.

Cala Comte Ibiza

Cala Comte Ibiza

The eastern side of the beach is an unofficial nudist spot whereas the western side is popular with locals and holiday makers. Both sides exist without any drama. Other rocky and small coves surround Cala Comte creating huge natural pools for a perfect swimming and snorkeling. Those in search of yoga and meditation spots will find in the surroundings of the cove a good environment to practice it.

When the sun touches the horizon behind the little island of Ses Bledes and the sky shows its more colourful side, the terrace of Sunset Ashram, perched on the cliff, provides spectacular front row seats.

Sunset Ashram serves up both Indian and Mediterranean cuisine, and is a breathtaking place to enjoy the sunset. The soul of the music style keeps alive the original creativity of the local artists delivering an element of surprise, always different and fresh.

Sunset Ashram, Cala Comte, Ibiza

Sunset Ashram, Cala Comte, Ibiza

During high peak (July and August) the beach does tend to get busy and feel very crowded. Likewise, the parking space soon fills up. Therefore, the best time to visit Cala Comte is Spring and late summer (September to October).

Enhance your senses whilst enjoying Ibiza‘s natural beauty in this idyllic cove. A must-go spot during your journey in the White Island.


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