An abandoned water park in Vietnam

On the edge of Hue city there is a magical, mysterious place which time has forgotten. It’s known as Ho Thuy Tien, the abandoned water park.

Ho Thuy Tien was reportedly opened in a half-finished state by a local tourism company in 2004, but it was never completed and was instead shut down and abandoned, leaving nature to take over completely. Despite promises of rebuilding a revitalising eco-park, the site has remained derelict but has still provided a boost to the local tourism economy.

Upon entering, explorers are greeted by a three-storey metal dragon perched protectively on top of the abandoned aquarium. Underneath, lies eerie, winding corridors resembling the beast’s ribs and filled with empty tanks.

The Beast of Hue

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As well as a fondness for abandoned aesthetic, one of the main appeals of Ho Thuy Tien is the mystery that surrounds it. Nature has begun to stake its claim on all the man-made structures. Plants and moss are getting wilder and more unmanageable. The slides are covered in leaves and palm trees grow through their spirals, while the pools are filled with murky algae-infested waters.

The feeling is something straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie and you can imagine explorers being on edge, waiting for an undead creature to lurch out at them.

There used to actually be crocodiles living in the pool at the bottom of this slide. But last year some travelers reported them to PETA and the government relocated them.

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Surprisingly the water park isn’t well known and doesn’t even show up on travel maps. Ho Thuy Tien has become known to backpackers who pass the information on via word of mouth. However, its increasing popularity means entrepreneurial locals are now collecting ‘admission’ at the gates and backpackers can even take advantage of a refreshment stand that pops up nearby.

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