Inmaculate Jambiani Beach

Zanzibar is world-famous for their pristine beaches. The African archipelago is literally surrounded with them. But the best ones are on the east shore of Unguja, being Jambiani beach the jewel of the island.

Located in the south-east coast of UngujaJambiani is a purely white sandy beach lined with palm trees and a good sea breeze. Who knew this gem even existed?

Jambiani beach, Zanzibar

Jambiani beach, Zanzibar

As with most of coast in the island, the tides change the beach dramatically and bathing in the sea at low-tide is pretty difficult. So do not expect a beach tailored to tourist expectations.

Jambiani beach, Zanzibar

Jambiani beach, Zanzibar

Jambiani is actually home to small fishing villages as the sea is still their main source of income. You will find that locals in Jambiani harvest seaweed. Due to the nature of the reef, the wave action litters the beach with seaweed at low tide. Seaweed is taken, dried, and sold to other countries mainly as a nutritional product. Seaweed farming is especially noticeable in the south-east of the Island.

Women in Jambiani beach

Jambiani beach, Zanzibar

During your time in Jambiani you can take a trip on a dhow, the local fishing boat. Ask the locals for a ride during sunset. You’ll stay within the coral reef and see a panoramic view of the beach like few tourists have.

Kids playing in Jambiani beach, Zanzibar

Kids splashing by the shore, Jambiani

When I arrived in Jambiani the only people spending time on the beach itself were local guys who were playing soccer and few kids splashing by the shore.

Jambiani is miles of startling white sand and has a sense of rustic charm and personality. Accommodations are inexpensive and the beach is still untouched by commercial tourism. It’s absolutely worth the trip to Jambiani beach if you’re anywhere near Tanzania.

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