Inside Berlin’s debauched Kit Kat Club

Known for its sense of freedom, The Kit Kat Club is one of those rare clubs in Berlin that has achieved legendary status. Sex is allowed (or encouraged), and on most nights you’ll have to strip to get in.

The Kit Kat Club opened its doors in 1994 when Austrian pornographic film maker Simon Thaur and his life partner decided to try and combine two scenes together: the hippy vibes of a 90’s Goa trance party and the hardcore love action of a fetish night. The name Kit Kat Club is inspired by the 1930s burlesque bar featured in the American musical Cabaret.

Inside Kit Kat Club, Berlin

Inside Kit Kat Club, Berlin

Made notorious for its sexually-uninhibited parties, during its heyday, guests were openly encouraged to get it on on the dance floor. The city’s conservative politicians tried to have the club closed in 2001 for “inviting people to public intercourse”, a crime at that time in Berlin.


Located just around the corner from Tresor in Mitte, The Kit Kat Club is home to some of the most renowned techno nights and sex parties, regularly hosting the popular gay Revolver Party. Be surprised if you don’t see acts of an explicit nature taking place in more directions than your head can spin.


The venue consists of three dance floors, a lounge area, a massage room and also a swimming pool. It is decorated with ultra-violet light and fluorescent color paintings done by the Berlin-based artist Der Träumer. It’s probably, after the infamous Berghain, the most notorious nightclub in Berlin.

Anthropological travel is the best expression to describe what you’ll experience at the club. These days though, things are said to have tamed down slightly, with people coming as much for the music as for the loose morals. But be warned, the club often still has a strict dress code (fetish, PVC & leather, uniforms, kinky, glamour and high style). You don’t stand much chance of getting in if you’re not dressed according to the rules.

Kit Kat Club, Berlin

Kit Kat Club, Berlin

The Kit Kat Club welcomes everyone – gay, straight and everything in between, allowing a high level of diversity amongst the crowd. Once you step into the club, you can be whatever and whomever you want and feel free to release your sexual desires and fetishes with no need to hide your bizarre side. Feel the music and let your mind be your true self. Entrance fee is 15€.

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