Jumbo Stay – An airplane hotel in Stockholm

Right next to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, the Jumbo Stay is an unusual hostel set in a converted Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Welcome to one of the world’s coolest stays.

Jumbo Stay opened its doors in 2009 for guests to come and stay in a totally converted jumbo jet that now sits restfully on the ground. The aircraft is a Boeing 747-212B originally built for Singapore Airlines in 1976.

Jumbo Stay features 27 rooms of different categories to acommodate one to three adults as well as a quad dormitory bed option, along with a luxury suite in the plane’s cockpit. In total, the aircraft-turned-hostel can house up to 76 guests at once. Each room comes with crisp white linens, a television, a small table, and is of course lined with tiny plane windows so guests can peek outside.

Beyond the plush rooms, the hostel also has a lookout deck, which sits over the wing of the plane, along with a cafe that is open 24 hours a day to serve guests on a red-eye schedule.

Perhaps the only downside of the stay is the fact that some guests must share a bathroom in true hostel style. Though, upgrading to the cockpit suite means you’ll get your own ensuite bathroom, just as a real pilot would, too.

If you want to experience one of the world’s coolest stays just head to Stockholm airport. At Jumbo Stay you’re guaranteed a unique and outstanding experience at a reasonable price. Rooms range from $60 a night for a dorm-style shared space to $550 a night for a suite.

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