Koh Madsum – The pigs’ beach in Thailand

Located south of Koh Samui, the island of Koh Madsum is a tiny paradise with a lovely beach inhabited by friendly swine. Read on to discover all about Koh Madsum and the most popular pigs’ beach in Thailand.

Koh Madsum is a small island in the Samui Archipelago. Koh Madsum and the larger neighboring island Koh Taen are located just a few-minutes boat ride from the south side coast of Koh Samui. When you arrive in the island, you will be surprised that some wild pigs are living there. They arrived in Koh Madsum swimming across the sea from the neighbouring Koh Taen.

Pigs beach, Koh Madsum, Thailand

Pigs beach, Koh Madsum, Thailand (Photo courtesy of Skysamuitour)

Facilities on Koh Madsum

Koh Madsum is a great island for day-trippers to enjoy a picnic on the white sandy beach or just spending some relaxing accompanied by the lovely swine. There is a bar on the beach which serves food and drinks. The island also has good opportunities for snorkelling and kayaking. You can rent a kayak from the bar on the beach (300 Baht each one).

Pigs beach, Koh Madsum, Thailand

Pigs beach, Koh Madsum, Thailand

Accommodation on Koh Madsum

If you want to experience the loneliness of Koh Madsum, you can stay overnight on the island. Thus you can visit the beautiful beaches outside the peak hours of day trips and incidentally stay in a really great villa. The Treasure Koh Madsum is currently the only accommodation on the island and offers you a pinch of luxury.

The Treasure of Koh Madsum aerial view

The Treasure of Koh Madsum aerial view

How to get to Koh Madsum

Only a few tour operators offer day trips to Koh Madsum. These trips usually start around 8:30 at Thong Krut, a small fishermen’s village in the south of Koh Samui. A longtail boat will then take you to the island in around 30 minutes and bring you back in the afternoon. Trip costs vary depending on the itinerary and optional extras but you can expect to pay around 2.000 baht. If you prefer to visit Koh Madsum on your own, you can rent a scooter and make your way to Thong Krut pier, where you’ll have to bargain with a fisherman to take you to the island.

Here, all about the island of Koh Madsum and the most popular pigs beach in Thailand. Follow the link to discover more beaches for wildlife encounters.

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