Magic Hours in South America

Sonia Szóstak’s Magic Hours photography series depict vivid and gorgeous landscapes in South America.

Nature has always been mankind’s biggest sources of inspiration and ideas for all sorts of creative pursuits. Nothing compares to being inspired while immersing in the hues, lines, textures, shapes, and formations that we can find outdoors. Such was the experience of Polish photographer Sonia Szóstak and her friends while travelling across the breath-taking landscapes of South America.

For Sonia Szóstak, Bolivia and Peru are among the best places to study color composition and her series of travel photos entitled Magic Hours verifies this claim. Indeed, her stunning snaps show jagged mountains, snowy hiking trails, sloping hillsides, and sprawling grasslands painted in different captivating colours.

If nature is a classroom, Sonia considers Bolivia’s Eduardo Avaroa National Park as the best teacher. Straddling the border with Chile in the central region of the Andes, Sonia and her team were treated to its nude landscapes with rock formations, volcanoes, lagoons, geysers and animals all of which added color and interest to their adventures.

Brimming with a surrealist style which most likely inspired the Magic Hours, it’s comprised and surrounded by places of interest with mystic-sounding names: Stone Tree, Rainbow Mountains, and Salvador Dali Desert.

This set definitely shows what makes the two destinations among the most sought after in South America. Looks like series from Mars.

  • Magic Hours in South America by Sonia Szóstak
    Magic Hours in South America by Sonia Szóstak


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