Moshi: The best view to Kilimanjaro

Located on the lower slopes of the Mount Kilimanjaro (5.895 m), the multicultural town of Moshi offers priceless views of the highest mountain in Africa.

Most travellers opt to spend a night in Arusha on their way to the National Parks in the north of Tanzania. However, Moshi is a low-key town, smaller than Arusha and much quieter. The noticeable clean capital of the Kilimanjaro region is a good alternative on your way to the highlands in order to enjoy stunning views of African’s ceiling.

Town of Moshi and Mount Kilimanjaro in the background

Town of Moshi and Mount Kilimanjaro in the background

Moshi has an appealing blend of Eastern and Western influences and a self-sufficient, prosperous feel, due in large part to it being the centre of Tanzania’s major coffee production regions. There are many religious institutions in Moshi, most notably the mosque, the Hindu temple and the Lutheran church. It is also home to the ChaggaMaasai and Pare tribes.

Moshi Town, Tanzania

Moshi street scene: dala dalas, pushcarts, pedestrians, billboards and a bicycle (Photo courtesy of Cycle Style Boston)

No need to do anything other than walking around to explore Moshi town and get impressed with the grandeur of Mount Kilimanjaro. Though it is strongly advised not to be walking alone at night for your own safety.

Mount Kilimanjaro view

Mount Kilimanjaro view from Moshi

Try to find a good spot within the town to get a panoramic view of Mount Kilimanjaro at the sunset. If there isn’t fog, the experience will let you speechless. The Coffe Tree Hotel has a bar on the top floor with terrific views. Afterwards, you can head to one of the many BBQ stalls on the street in order to taste the delicious African meat.

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