Satan’s Whiskers: Cocktails, Taxidermy and Hip Hop

Satan’s Whiskers is one of those unexpected East London spots. A casual cocktail bar stuffed with eccentric taxidermy and old-school hip hop soundtrack.

Marked only by a red neon sign above the door, Satan’s Whiskers looks every bit a down-and-out dive bar. Inside though, one can find a smartly modish setting with vintage spirits posters and some of the best cocktails to be found not just in Bethnal Green’s burgeoning booze scene, but in London.

Satans Whiskers, Bethnal Green, London

Satans Whiskers, Bethnal Green, London

There’s plenty of taxidermy pals lounging around (look out for the cocktail-shaking raccoon), but it never borders on the tacky. Don’t be put off by the stuffed animals, the bartenders here are no devil worshippers. So grab a cocktail and settle in for one of Bethnal Green’s most easygoing haunts.

The well-considered cocktail list changes daily and food menus show the emphasis on fresh produce – a point that’s further highlighted by the icebox full of sliced tropical fruits up on the bar. Your palate will likely be whet by the aroma wafting through the place (smoky baby back ribs are on offer from time to time).

Satan's Whiskers bar

Satan’s Whiskers bar

Hip-hop beats create an aura of Brooklyn and we wouldn’t be surprised if after you’ve stepped out you felt you were in the neighborhood of Williamsburg. The stereo plays banger after banger by Golden Age greats such as Biggie Smalls, Tupac and, of course, Snoop Dogg. However, the music is a bit loud and sometimes it’s hard to follow a proper conversation.

Satan's Whiskers entrance

Satan’s Whiskers entrance

Bundled between warehouses, newsagents and strip clubs, Satan’s Whiskers is more of a concept bar than a speakeasy which breaks the East London stereotype. Just pop in for a cocktail or book a table in advance if you want to experience this cool and unusual atmosphere.

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