Savage Disco – 80’s tunes and filthy fun

Hosted at Metropolis Strip Club, Savage Disco is the revolutionary night of disco tunes and filthy fun in East London. The experience is like traveling back in time to the feel-good atmosphere of the 80’s.

Savage Disco is the weekly, anything-goes party from the Sink The Pink crew. Those restless polysexual party animals run this disco bash at Metropolis Strip Club (every Friday and Saturday), where you can roam around three floors of unabashed fun. Instead of girls with names like Bambi, Crystal and Trinity entertaining dirty old men, the venue is turned into a queer playground. Even American artist Lady Gaga made her appearance at the nightclub on September the 10th, 2016.

Savage Disco at Metropolis Strip Club

Savage Disco at Metropolis Strip Club

With three floors and four different themed areas, including a glittering car wash and a sand-covered, beach-themed penthouse, it’s the right place to let your inhibitions go. Practice your moves in the mirrored walls, work the dance poles and flirt to a disco soundtrack.

Savage Disco crowd at Metropolis Strip Club

Savage Disco crowd at Metropolis Strip Club

Metropolis Strip Club is like a slightly risque Barbie doll house that you really have to see to believe. If you’ve never been before, prepare for pure Vegas decor, a dancing pole running through two floors, a VIP section, and the aforementioned car wash. Saturday nights at this East London bop-stop will certainly find a fond turnout in no time. A friendly, fresh feeling night in a slimline flashing pink, blue and silver LGBT haven with a mixed crowd of travesties and hunks.

With an entry for only a fiver, and DJs comprised of the recognisable Horse Meat Disco’s Severino and The 2 Bears’ Raf Daddy playing deliciously dirty disco, house and party bangers until 5 am. The nightclub begins to glow from 1 am, so before heading to Metropolis it might be a good idea to grab a drink at the nearby Queen Adelaide. But don’t arrive later, as you might encounter a massive queue.

As you leave Savage Disco, chances are that you’ll be wondering how you ever managed to have fun on a Saturday night without stripper dancing poles and a car wash.


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