Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in Berlin

Spreepark, at the edge of Treptower Park, is a quirky place to explore with friends which perfectly reflects the decadent side of Berlin. Plenty of fun is assured during your walk through this abandoned amusement park in Berlin.

Spreepark, was an GDR-era amusement park flanked by the River Spree. Opened in 1969, Spreepark was host almost 2 million visitors a year at its peak. However, since the wall fell in 1989 its decline began. In 2002 was finally closed for visitors when it was declared completely insolvent.

Spreepark, abandoned amusement park in Berlin

Spreepark, Treptower, Berlin

The currently-abandoned amusement park was hugely popular, not least because of its 45 metres ferris wheel which still eerily turns, creakily blown by the wind. People who have visited the place at night insist it sounds like a groan, as if Spreepark is still having nightmares about the drama of its demise.

Spreepark lake, Treptower

Spreepark lake, Treptower

Although the entrance is not permitted, getting over the fence is easy. Simply walk along until you find a low spot, or slide under one of the few gaps underneath. Once you get in, you just have to walk through the woods trying to follow the train rail. After a while, you will start to cross your path with the attractions such as the pink moustache cars and the headless dinosaurs. A psychedelic cat face completes the creepy scene.

Moustache cars, Spreepark

Moustache cars, Spreepark

There are some security guards looking after the property. If they catch you strolling around they are just going to shout you some words in German and will invite to get out. Not much worries.

The Spreepark experience is like a walk through a post-apocalyptic future. Be sure to take some pics to upload them on the social networks. You will be the envy of your circles! Fancy another creepy visit to an abandoned water park in Vietnam? Just follow this link.

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