The best gay beaches in Mykonos

Made famous in the 70’s by Jackie Onassis, Mykonos has a mix of lively and tranquil gay beaches, with gold sand and clear-crystal waters. Read on to discover all about Elia Beach and other gay beaches in Mykonos.

Most beaches in Mykonos are gay-friendly, and for years the gay crowd have flocked to Paradise and Super Paradise, before moving to Elia, which is now THE gay beach on the island. There are other worth-to-visit gay beaches in this idyllic Greek destination.

1. Elia beach

One of the largest sandy beaches on Mykonos and the most gay-popular, Elia Beach is well-managed with good quality sunbeds and shades for rent. You can easily find the gay side of the beach by locating the rainbow flag at the righthand end (assuming you’re facing the sea). Beyond the rocky outcrop towards the very end there is a small sandy cove that is mostly occupied by gay nude sunbathers. Continue going over the rocks, and you arrive at Agrari Beach.

Elia beach, Mykonos, Greece

Elia beach, Mykonos, Greece (pic courtesy of Mykonos traveller)

2. Agrari beach

Found right over a scenic rocky spot, Agari beach is a quieter alternative to Elia. It’s a secluded gay beach and a popular cruising site among the gay sun worshipers. Agari beach is organized with sunbeds, shades, a lifeguard and an excellent restaurant. The reason to head in its direction is the more peaceful and uncrowded environment, with the same crystal-clear waters.

Agrari beach, Mykonos, Greece

Agrari beach, Mykonos, Greece (Pic courtesy of Greeka)

3. Super Paradise beach

Located some 6 km south east of Mykonos town, Super Paradise beach is the most alternative and anti-comformist beach on the island. Today the beach attracts a varied crowd from gay to straigh. Although it’s no longer the most popular gay beach in Mykonos, Super Paradise is still a gay favorite. A must-go beach really close to the famous JackieO’s Beach Club and many other gay hot spots.

Super Paradise beach, Mykonos, Greece

Super Paradise beach, Mykonos, Greece

4. Paraga beach

A gay friendly spot, that is preferred by the young crowds that seek a quiet and cheaper beach option of neighboring Paradise Beach, which still attracts many guys. Paranga is a small and rocky beach with popular gay cruising around its premises. The gays tend to head towards the rocks on the south side.

Paraga beach, Mykonos, Greece

Paraga beach, Mykonos, Greece (photo courtesy of Mykonos Beaches Guide)

5. Panormos beach

On the northern side of Mykonos, away from the most popular beaches, is Panormos, which is a long, sandy beach growing in popularity. It now has a bus service from Mykonos Town, and a noble beach club known as Principote. Continue walking past the sunbeds, and at the far end of the beach you’ll find nudists, both gay and straight.

Panormos beach, Mykonos, Greece

Panormos beach, Mykonos, Greece

Here, the best gay beaches in Mykonos. Follow the link to discover the top 5 alternative Greek islands to visit this summer. Plase, leave your comments below and share the article if you liked it.


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