The Lost City of Atlantis – Ibiza’s best kept secret

Down the beaten path of the western coast of Ibiza sits the Lost City of Atlantis, a secluded and mystical place which is considered the gem of the White Island.

Ibiza’s Atlantis is not the conventional beach or cove. It’s an enchanted and magical spot opposite the rocky islet of Es Vedrà and surrounded by a stunning scenery.

The original name of this hidden treasure is Sa Pedrera but was baptized by the name of Atlantis by hippies from the decade of the 50’s and 60’s. They made Atlantis a place of worship and rest. Today, Atlantis is a beautiful cove where nudism is usually practiced due to its remoteness and hippie influence.

The Lost City of Atlantis, Ibiza

The Lost City of Atlantis, Ibiza (Photo courtesy of Xescu Prats)

Much of the magic of Atlantis is due to its striking rock formations caused by the hand of the man. The area was once used as a quarry to farm the stones to build the walls of Ibiza’s Dalt Vila, a World Heritage Site. The cuts in the rock have also created holes under the sea level, which are filled with water from rain and waves forming incredibly natural pools.

The quirky rock formations seem perfectly carved to create a great spot to sit in the cool winds. In addition, artists have left their mark by carving extraordinary faces, dragons, calls of peace and other symbolic imagery in the rocky cliffs. There is even a cave with a Buddha figure half way down which is the usual meeting point for hippies.

Carvings in Atlantis, Ibiza

Carvings in Atlantis, Ibiza (Photo courtesy of Xescu Prats)

To get to the Lost City of Atlantis take the road to Es Cubells and turn toward Cala d’Hort. Before reaching the beach, turn left onto a dirt road. Then, you will get to a small esplanade where you can ditch the car and continue on foot. One path leads to the defensive tower of Torre des Savinar and the other trail veers down to Atlantis. It’s a long, steep hike to get to Atlantis, and it’s easy to get lost because there are no sign spots. But you will be highly rewarded when you reach it.

The hidden cove of Atlantis, Ibiza

The hidden cove of Atlantis, Ibiza (Photo courtesy of Xescu Prats)

The hidden cove of Atlantis is undoubtedly Ibiza’s best kept secret. It’s notorious among the locals and those in the search of the spiritual cores in the White Island. You should consider Atlantis if you are looking for an alternative place to enjoy the glorious Mediterranean sea.


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