Zalipie: The painted village in Poland

A small ancient village in South-Eastern Poland, Zalipie, is known for its habit of painting elaborate floral motifs on just about everything. Read on to discover all about Zalipie, the painted village in Poland.

Zalipie is perhaps one of the most beautiful villages in Poland, but definitely the most colorful one. It is known for its tradition of painting special, folksy flower patterns. The whole village is painted and it charms visitors with its special atmosphere. The paintings are everywhere – not only cottages are painted, but also barns, dog kennels, bridges, furniture, fences, benches, you name it!

Zalipie: The painted Village in Poland

Zalipie: The painted Village in Poland

History of Zalipie

This special tradition started with more than a century ago when all the women resident in Zalipie begun to paint their houses with floral motives, as they wanted to cover up some particular faults. Since the women didn’t have professionally made equipment, they manufactured the brushes themselves, using bristles from the tails of their cows. As or the paint itself, women used fat from the dumplings they made. Every year, they had to repaint their charming drawings. And they did so, after the Feast of Corpus Christi, when they weren’t so busy with their farm work.

Painted bridge in Zalipie, Poland

Painted bridge in Zalipie, Poland (Photo courtesy of

In time, this joyfully and unique habit was passed on from one generation to another. Moreover, women found inspiration in nature and local folklore, so their paintings became both larger and more colorful.

Felicja Curyłowa Farmstead Museum

Zalipie’s most celebrated artist was Felicja Curyłowa (1904-1974), who most embodied the spirit of the village. She became really obsessed with this tradition and she decorated every flat surface of her three-bedroomed cottage, no matter how small or large. After her death, the beautiful house was turned into a museum. And it is quite a source of attraction among visitors.

Open 08:00-16:00. Thu, Sun 09:00-17:00, Closed Mon.

Price: Admission 8/5 zlotys, family ticket 16 zlotys.

Felicja Curyłowa Farmstead Museum, Zalipie, Poland

Felicja Curyłowa Farmstead Museum, Zalipie, Poland (Photo courtesy of

Accommodation in  Zalipie

Zalipie is a good option for a day trip from Krakow, Katowice or Wroclaw. One day is perfectly enough to see all that Zalipie offers you. You can go there in the morning and be back in the late afternoon. For accommodation in the area, your best bet is actually Tarnów. There are some great and affordable places there. Here are my suggestions:

Hotel Tarnovia – Adress: Kościuszki 10, 33-100 Tarnów – Phone number: +48 14 630 03 50 – E-mail:

Hotel Cristal Park – Adress: Traugutta 5, 33-101 Tarnów – Phone number: +48 14 633 12 25 – E-mail:

Zalipie, Poland

Zalipie, Poland (Photo courtesy of

How to get to Zalipie

Located in the middle of nowhere near the confluence of the Wisła and Dunajec rivers, Zalipie is not that easy to get to, but you have to bear in mind that this is the reason why it is such a special place to visit. Zalipie is most easily accessed by car and though it lies just 36 km north of Tarnów, the journey nonetheless takes almost an hour. A few daily mini-buses from Tarnów do stop in Zalipie: You can use Euro Plawecki Trans bus (5 zlotys).

Painted house in Zalipie, Poland

Painted house in Zalipie, Poland

Currently, Zalipie is considered one of the most picturesque villages in Poland. There is no other place like that. But, despite its beauty and unique tradition, Zalipie is not a mass tourist destination. Here, all about Zalipie, the painted village in Poland.

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